Planner Kit

I had a ringed planner that was empty and never used from several years ago. I figured I’d make it in to a binder kit. I listed it at $50 on Etsy and many people like it (heart it). I’m thinking people think it’s too expensive, but you get everything, not just the accessories. You can find my shop here: DirigoEmbellishments

dirigo embellishments

I also listed it on Ebay as well and you can find my profile at this link. It is listed there for $50 also.

I’m not sure if Etsy or Ebay is the better choice for my items such as this planner, washi tape, scrapbooking items from Creative Memories, and papers. Should I just open a page on Facebook for this stuff?

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2 thoughts on “Planner Kit

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  2. Upon reviewing your “Planner” or my preferred term, Custom Designed Trapper Keeper, I wanted to provide feedback to your dialog… Know your market! Late August might be a good time of year to sell a Trapper Keeper because schools begin or late December when folks need Planners.

    I don’t have experience with Etsy but my insight tells me it’s targeted towards arts, crafts and other niche items. I have used various local Facebook groups to purchase or sell large items which I did not want to packae and ship. Otherwise my comfortable experience has been with Ebay. It does take time to get learn Ebay but that’s only because it is very well organized. Paypal intergration is super easy once you’ve linked Ebay and PayPal together. I love to shop local but when I need something unique, unavailable or a specialty item I’m happy to search on Ebay. I usually sell individual items but I’m aware many Sellers have Ebay stores which could have serveral items for sale. Folks sell everything on Ebay but folks do have stores marketed towards folks looking for certain items. In your case it could be planners, calenders and replacement items to compliment an old planner.

    Buyers look for folks with a good reputation and ability to purchase items using PayPal. Many online stores ask the Buyer to leave feedback and easily purchase online. What makes it easy for the Seller is PayPal manages your funds very well. Also providing an easy portal for printing a packaging slip, printing postage and shipping the product. PayPal can be used on Facebook, your website, Ebay and other online stores.

    My personal opinion is having Ebay combined with Facebook and a website is almost required with todays market but it all depends on the market and what your selling. Facebook is marketed towards your fans and Etsy is a niche market but all can intergrate PayPal or Ebay in some manner.

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