Making plans

In the last two months I haven’t been very creative other than making more planner charms and bookmarks. I will post pics soon.

I have decided that I need to step away from scrolling through the planner and BST groups as it is distracting and expensive. The planner groups are getting a bit… not catty… but competitive… or snarky… or bitchy…. lets just say unpleasant at times. Most often everyone is uplifting. However people will over promise, others over demand, and some of us will just make popcorn. I try not to be, but it happens. I get sucked in to the drama. So I need to step away.  All of my planner/TN/BST groups are having notifications turned off until after the new year.

I recently purchased three (3) pocket Chic Sparrow TNs from the second chance sale. I was shooting for a pocket, a B6, and an A5 but ended up only grabbing pockets. It was an interesting adventure with the second chance sale. Basically it’s the ooopsy batch that are not quite up to par or that had a mistake but the functionality of the notebooks are intact. I often buy pre-loved (used) traveler’s notebooks anyways and in my opinion it gives it more character.  Here are the three I just received from Chic Sparrow (CS). The Fern I’m using as my wallet right now, I’m not sure how I like it. I know that I do not like planning in a pocket size. The Daisy I will save for spring. Both of those are in the Pemberly leather. The Ourtlander Time Traveler will probably be a gift.

I am also trying to release some of the TNs I’m not bonding with back into the world. I currently have two that need new homes.  A Crisdori Studio standard wide and a Speckled Fawn pocket Avocado.

This beauty came from the Leather Quill Shoppe purchased during the Planner Boss Collective sale. It is a natural A5 wrap. I cannot wait to see how this notebook patina over time.  I do plan on tanning it, but have yet decide if I want to put a mask on it first.

Also during that sale I picked up some stamps from Studio L2E and some inserts from The 1407 Planners. I’ll add those pictures in when I get the items.

I also need to focus on getting my online presence uniform. I’m considering reopening my Etsy store or adding a store to my website.  I am undecided which would be best. I’m also working on a schedule for this blog and my other one as well as my social media. I’ve been talking about giveaways for a while. On October 1st I posted my Instagram giveaway. It will run until the 15th of October. Follow my Instagram for planner and art related things and possibility of winning a giveaway.

Feel free to interact with me, ask me questions, give your opinion, share my post. Thanks for reading.


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