DLP – Week 2 & 3

This Month’s phrase “Going out on a limb. Trying something new.” has actually worked out well for me.  In addition to the geli prints I did after week one I also picked up a pack of 4 Gelatos by Faber-Castell at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.  These are new to me and I’m having some fun with them.

Funny thing is I haven’t done a week’s PAC quite per suggestion, until today. I’ll probably throw some more PACs in after I play a bit more.


The List Ten was a suggestion of what 10 books have influenced your life.  I actually don’t have 10 books as of yet that have influenced my life.

I had picked up some binding but it doesn’t really look like the type of stuff others are using. I dyed it with some inktense blocks and water.  I didn’t really have the funds to spend $10 on only two bottles of spray ink with no other expectation of use other than to try to dye some ribbons and such.

Go join the fun if you are so inclined. You can find them here: Art to the 5th.

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