Why (Q & A)

Q: Why another blog?

A: Because I can. Ok that’s my smart ass remark, really it’s because I wanted to be able to add daily & not overwhelm my primary blog.

Q: What’s an Art Journal

A: An art journal is basically any type of book like item that you collect your thoughts in while also incorporating art.

Q: What started you on this?

A: This time around it was Lil Blue Boo’s art journal project, read about it. She’s inspired me to create a composition art journal, but I haven’t gotten far with it. (She’s great & has lots of great ideas.)

Q: Are you only posting for The Lil Journal Project or are you posting others?

A: I’m now posting for anything and everything Art Journal related. Including.. Lil Blue Boo’s project, Reverb, SMASH*, Documented Life project, Scrapbooking, and such. It’s artsy & journal like & goes in a book it’ll be here.

Q: Will you always have a picture?

A: Yes, hopefully, as well as a little bit of a discussion about the entry. (forgive me if I go on a ramble)

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