DLP – Week 1

Week one is done.  It was slow going for me this past week.  I haven’t done enough art which is part of why I’m doing this.  However I did manage to make my geli plate, it’s in the fridge now and should be ready soon. I cannot wait to start making some prints.  I still need to make my official PAC for Week 1 with the number 16 in it.  I had already picked a word for the year: OPPORTUNITY.

I still need to decorate the binder cover which is not their recommended 7×9 but a 10 x 11.5 which only holds 9″ wide pages due to the binder being on the back not the spine. Go figure why SMASH did this. But it was on clearance so I was content with it.

I bought a pack of card stock in various neutral colors (2 dark browns, light brown, grayish, cream) and got some of the downloads printed on them.  I had to adjust my printing options due to their downloads being for A5 size binder.

I’ve raided my stash of bits & bobbles for this years DLP including; washi tape, scrapbook papers, project life squares, rubber stamps, ribbon, colored pens, and other little do-dads.

Go join the fun if you are so inclined. You can find them here: Art to the 5th.



I hope to post weekly regarding the Documented Life Project. There will also be posts regarding my subscription art boxes.

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