Planner community

I don’t know how many of you are in to planners such as I am, but there’s usually a community for just about any interest. There are many groups on Facebook for planners and the such. I’ll be doing another post on this.

In the past 4 years I’ve seen the planner grow in leaps and bounds. I’ve seen the start up of various book styles and mashups of different styles as well as functional and decorative styles of planning too. I’ve been fascinated with both bullet journals and travelers notebooks. And watched as Kara from Boho Berry merged her bujo into a TN.

I’ve also watched a “new” notebook company start up and take off a bit too fast to fall promptly on its face. (Which is no surprise from their past history. So rumor says.) Anyways I noticed this week that the resale value has not only dropped for their notebooks but also for other brand’s notebooks. I think the market is too saturated with their product that they will need to scale back to keep the demand there. There are some companies that only take orders once a week or two. This keeps their saturation down and value up.

I have many notebooks that I’m parting with because the book wasn’t right for me after trying them out. However it appears the resale on these are not great.

I have found that I’m an absolute A5 fan. I would love a leather to put my Leuchturm in as I adore my Leuchturm. It is my catch all book for ideas, projects, and notes. Then my favorite dated planning size is a B6. I have my dream B6 TN from a lovely artist in Australia, a Wonder Woman design based on the new movie. I LOVE it.

The notebooks I’m selling are:

  1. SOLD
  2. Speckled Fawn pocket Eve’s plum horween. Black stitching & strings 6 of them.
  3. Crisdori Studio standard x wide red (titans moon) 4 black strings.
  4. Speckled Fawn personal bloodmoon oil tanned LOTS of pockets & 6 strings in black
  5. Foxy Fix standard (#6) Sugar Cookie with lavender string, stitching and embossing. A script T and a foxy fox.
  6. Leather Quill Shoppe A6 nude/natural undyed/untanned.

All of these have been posted on facebook in some buy/sell/trade groups.

As an exclusive giveaway only for my blog, I will be offering an inexpensive travelers notebook from Michael’s with 3 inserts and accessories next week. The post will be done on Wednesday the 24th and will close on February 6th. Winner will be drawn on the 7th.

Let me know how you found your planner peace in the comments below.

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