You know how you get all excited about things… New (new to you) things, those “all the rage” things?

*hands up* (comment what your thing is)


I’ve been on this planner kick in almost any form; happy planner, Leuchturm, travelers notebooks, and basic non-ring planners. I now have several TNs and an extra fitness hp and many Leuchturms. Lets not even discuss the non planner books I have… Smashbook, sketchbooks & journals. 

I’ve come to realize I cannot do it all and I need to simplify both my planning and my memory keeping. You might be asking “How?” Good question. 

I feel like all my planning is just that… Planning.  That I don’t get things done because I’m too busy planning. I need to get back to simplicity. My everyday cary (edc) 2018 planner is set with; a month view insert, two 3 month week on 2 pages inserts and another month insert for goal setting. This is in a B6 Wonder Woman TN from Paperflower Design Studio in Australia. I have yet figured out my journaling, which I want to get back to, either a TN or a Leuchturm. 
So as much as I hate to part ways with some of my awesome books I really should. And probably some of my pens & art supplies. 

Adding to this feeling of needing to simplify I want to create new habits of things I like to do and to break ones I don’t. I have been wanting to do more sketching & watercolors as well as creative writing and more reading. I’ve discovered that I need to schedule these things.  

With that in mind I also bought Your Best Year 2018 that I learned about through Kara at Boho Berry. I hope that with a bit of guidance I can achieve goals I have been putting off. I want to work on my blog and website and create a cohesive online presence. I’ve been struggling with this for years and this isn’t the first I’ve talked about it. 

Anyways… Back to simplifying. I will be listing many TNs this coming week, on the buy sell trade (BST) group. Most are pre loved and I’m second or third owner of. I take good care of my TNs and some have not been used at all.

I’m also having a giveaway of a classic fitness happy planner, it wasn’t my size and has never been written in. You can find that giveaway at my IG account. 

Please leave a comment and visit my Instagram account. 

Ta for now…

2 thoughts on “Simplify?

  1. Maybe you can combine some things – i.e do on your blog what you’d do in some of the journals. Post watercolors and whatnot on your website and/or instagram. A friend of mine did a 100 days of watercolor challenge and posted each day’s work on Instagram.

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