My Field Note size Dori


Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t have a name at the moment but she’s steampunk inspired. I made this one night when I couldn’t sleep.  I ended up having to glue the corners on. I hadn’t liked the first field-note size I received and traded but I’m really loving this one. I have 3 FN size books; a blank for sketching and water colors, a lined for a to do list of Maine, & a grid for other notes and such. A folder I made from a tutorial here from Poketfullofvintage. I have a PP size zipper pocket and 10 card holder I ordered from See Yusheng which now makes it a wallet.  My bling is a clearance pendant from HobbyLobby, some Tim Holtz corners, a few random charms I had on my twine bookmarks. I put the closure on the spine instead of the back, so far I don’t have a preference.  The leather was just a quick buy at Michael’s it was 8×11 inches and only required one cut. It’s a soft brown that is aging well. It is thicker than some of the others they have there.

Currently I’m working on a dori for my daughter that will look like the journal from Dr Who or the Tardis. Got her some awesome charms for it already. Here’s a sneak peek at the leather and the carving techniques I’ll be trying.wpid-wp-1438134277165.jpg


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