SMASH book 2015 – Prep

Hey there friends. I’m working on preparing my smash book for next year.  I decided to go with the Mod style (black) SMASH book. I want to keep the cover kind of clean but quirky, since the book has no embossing on it. I found the purple polka-dot ribbon in a package of trim from AC Moore. I figured it’d fit quite well so that sparked me to hunt for other purple items, tastefully. I found the owl at the Dollar Tree, it’s the joker from a deck of cards. Some sparkly butterfly stickers from the Dollar Tree also. It is a start to my book. I want to be able to keep the plastic cover on it as I fill it. Once it’s filled I have found another purple polka-dot thicker ribbon (dollar tree) to use as a tie.  I had wanted to put a clear rhinestone skull & crossbones on it but figured that would be a bit too much. Maybe I’ll put it on the back.  I plan on pulling out my Silhouette Portrait I won from the Thinking Closet quite a while ago, and cutting out the year in some purple & green paper. wpid-img_20141206_143319.jpgie.



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