DLP: Journal/Planner

Hey there friends!  I’ve been asked about the journal/calendar I use for my Documented Life Project (DLP) on the FB group.  Some of the others have found that the Moleskine they’re using is not satisfying due to the thin pages.  I knew this going in to the project and opted to not use one. Plus I had already received my new Sacred Journey as a gift. I tend to work with what I have rather than spend money on something I already know I don’t like. Not that there’s anything wrong with a Moleskine, many people use them and love them.  To each their own, right?  Right. (Although I love the look of the fat over stuffed & well used Moleskines I keep seeing.) I actually have a Travel Moleskine that I’m looking to part with. Unfortunately I never used it and the elastic on it is already stretched out. The Fitness one I may have written in slightly but I don’t like it also and I’m willing to part with it as well.

Anyways, I figured I’d do a post of the Sacred Journey so people could get an idea of what they’re like. (The new one for 2015 should be out soon.) Please visit their website for more info regarding Cheryl and the why & how of creating this unique calendar/planner/journal.  Some people may call it kind of “new age” or “hippy-ish” but I feel it’s intent is to put you closer to yourself, however you do that.  She’s created cards to be used with the journal if you’d like, for each Equinox and Solstices. She provides ample space for goals, affirmations, and such. Use them or not, it’s your journal.

past journals by Cheryl

I’ve been using this journal since about 2004 I think. I start off really well at the beginning of the year then fade out and usually pick it up again mid year around my birthday. However this year, I’ve used it quite a bit more than I have in the past thanks to the DLP.  Now if you don’t know what DLP is, please feel free to stop by the Art to the 5th‘s web page to learn more.  This year it wasn’t used as my “journal” as I have in the past, it was used as my every day calendar/planner instead of buying another planner as I have in the past. (I have several years of both SJ books and also planners that are for the same year.) This year I’m trying to simplify. In addition to doing DLP I have also started using the bullet journal method. I took what I liked from it and utilized it with my existing SJ book.  I section off a ruler width of space in my weekly page for the bullets. I’ve stopped pre-adding my tip in pages to my book as it didn’t work out well for me based on the weekly challenges. Next year I’ll do some tip-in pages in advance, cut them to size and wait for that week’s post.  Hopefully I can be a bit more artsy with them, as I was not as artsy with them this year, but the year’s not over, I know.  Here’s some quick shots of my book, I had posted some of these on the DLP group page on FB.

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Yes this book is already thicker than the Moleskines, however due to the spiral binding I find it is more tolerable of adding pages. It also has several extra sections as it’s not just a calendar.

I know they haven’t officially told us what book they’ll be using next year for this project, everyone is waiting to hear. However I may just order my SJ journal as soon as possible.  And it’s not that I don’t want to try something else, but there’s a limit as to how many books/journals I’m using at once.  I’ve already decided I need another something to track food, steps, water, sleep, finances, and etc.  If I could cram it all in to one book I totally would, so it looks like I’ll be doing two books again next year, unless I find a way to incorporate everything in to one.

Any questions please let me know. I’m happy to share.


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