Blank page syndrome?

Better known as BPS. (not really)

Well one of the lovely ladies at Art to the 5th has given us you some help. Part 1 – laying the base | Part 2 – adding focal point. Sandi Keene I think has made it a foolproof, no deep thought required, way of getting by the SCARY blank page.

How have I combated BPS?

I’ve doodled, usually 3-D boxes, hearts, alien faces, pets, flowers, or I’ve practiced my penmanship.  Mostly the type of stuff you’d do in a meeting or on the phone. (By the way, studies show it helps you remember things.) If I have doodles on slips of paper I just glue them in to my art journal (which ever one at the time) and start from there.  I don’t tend to have the time to play with paints, but I do use a lot of various colored pens, pencils, & highlighters.  (Basically anything that will leave a mark.)

I also don’t start on the first page.  I don’t think any of my journals, notebooks, artist journals, or any other type of book I use has ever started on page one. (Most books don’t, technically.)

Lets Google how to get over a blank page….

Julie has some great ideas for you more painterly artistic folks.

Robin has more of a drawing technique for you who’d rather try that.

Kristal has some good tips also. Read some of her other Art Journal 101 entries.

April has 50 Art Journal prompts.

You can also check out Pinterest to find other ideas. Seriously. A NEVER ENDING supply of ideas/inspiration. So go to it and conquer that pesky blank page. Charge forth fearless artist and CREATE!


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