Winter in Maine

Every so often I get interesting pictures due to the storms here in Maine.

Legion and park in New Auburn

Legion and park in New Auburn



Other times I do not and it’s just a lot of snow.


I am by far NOT a fan of snow. I can take the cold, the rain and a little bit of snow. But this 14 inches of white crap all at once really sucks ass. It’s really heavy snow as it also rained on top of it in the middle of the night before it snowed more. And just wait… we dig our selves out in time for more. *sigh*

Why do I stay in Maine? I hate December through February. I don’t ski, snow board, snow shoe, snowmobile, or ice fish. (I would snowmobile if I had one and money to do so.) Spring, summer, and fall are great. I can withstand the black fly/mud season no problem because I love to see the rebirth of nature, blooms and babies. The scorching heat in the summer, go out on the lake kayaking. And the gorgeous colors of fall, prime photo season. But winter… blah!


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