Questions for readers & other bloggers…

I’ve been thinking about combining my blogs back to one again but I’m a bit undecided because I already have a strong following here, not my primary blog. (34 followers is a lot to me)  This leads me to my first question…

I asked similar questions in a post on my primary blog: Chhhha… Changes… or not

I don’t want to disrupt things if everything is going smoothly. And if that’s the case I’m thinking of only changing/organizing my categories.


4 thoughts on “Questions for readers & other bloggers…

  1. I say follow your heart! I personally LOVE it when blogs break out of a niche and share what is most inspiring them at the moment, even if it’s not “on topic.” I find that at the end of the day, I follow bloggers, not blogs…so whatever you’re most excited about it what I’M most excited about! That’s my two cents. Thanks for asking!

  2. I originally followed your other blog and was led to this one – I don’t think combining them would dilute either of them but would just enhance either one, will happily continue following both if you decide to keep them separate.

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