Crafting trees

I don’t normally write about my craft projects.  I usually post about my photography or my art, but I figured why not.  So I had seen this picture on Pinterest and figured I’d give it a try.
DIY Twine Christmas Tree {Easy Tutorial}

I went to the blog to read about it. I figured how hard could it be right?  I’ve covered part of a plant pot with twine so I’ve got this.  Well…. A few problems arose.  I was lazy and didn’t hunt down my hot glue gun and figured I’d use some E6000.  Mistake. Foam cones and a product “not for use on Styrofoam” you can guess what happened.  Melting foam cone. So I’m about half way through wrapping the cone with green twin and I notice it was spongy.  I didn’t realize till right then the mistake I made.  Too late to turn back now.  I finished wrapping the tree and at the bottom I used Elmer’s white glue to finish it and attach a felt bottom. Instead of criss-crossing the twine I used some decorative trim for some bling.

I also noticed the burlap tree just to the left of the twine one and figured, why not? So I had some green burlapy looking ribbon, except it had wire in it.  Shouldn’t be too complicated.  I spent more time on that darn thing than I should have. It is cute, but I’m not 100% happy.  Having the right tools for the job is key.

Check out Vintage News Junkie’s site. There’s lots of great holiday crafty ideas.

I forgot to share my finish trees.


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