BIA – First book ~ done.

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I made my first Bind it All book alone.  I’m super excited about it. The cover is a tad larger than what it needs to be but that’s okay.  My first attempt at closing the rings was a mess but I removed that O wire and replaced it with a new one.  I’ll use the mess up on a smaller (less thick) book at some point.

I had only ever made one other book and that was at MMCBBE12 a camping event I went to last August with some friends.  I to a BIA class and made a cute little book.  The one I just made is bigger, but I basically used the same skills. Although this time I had to cut all of the paper on my own.

I filled this book with white medium weight card stock, thicker colored card stock, a few sheets of black paper, lined paper at the start of every section along with a sheet of tracing paper & a double-sided decorative paper as section dividers.  The back has an extra bit of tracing paper.  I actually compiled the insides of my book before I made the covers.  The covers are a bit too large, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t like that the open side of the book isn’t aligned, where as the spine side is.  Although if I had one of those tools to rough up the edges I think I’d be okay with that. I should put that on my wish list. I found some clear contact paper at the dollar tree to use on the cover, it may not be top of the line but it looks & works fine.

I hope to do another book or two to share.  I was thinking of doing a card/envelope book but haven’t figured out how to get it together yet (the spine) so I’ve been putting it off. I may use my BIA or the binder ring method. I just need to figure out the covers first.

Feel free to share your most recent art & craft project with me.  Link it up. 🙂


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