Watermark – or not

Apparently this has been a hot topic for people.  I found varying degrees of opinions. From, Yes you totally should. To, It’s a waste of time. Some think it’s professional, others do not.  So basically it’s a matter of opinion of the photographer.  I’ve gotten use to looking past the watermark on people’s photos, so they don’t really obscure the composition to me. I’ll continue to put a watermark on the photos I put on the internet. It’s my photo.

I’m currently working on updating my photography webpage. I hope to have it done in a week, since I deleted my old one on Wix.


6 thoughts on “Watermark – or not

  1. I’m a pro-watermarker myself, but many of my bloggy friends don’t bother, mostly because they figure that if someone wants to steal a photo, they will crop or edit out a watermark. Or they don’t want to go through the hassle of re-watermarking if they ever change their blog title, which I can understand. From my standpoint, a lot of my traffic comes from Pinterest so if a pin gets detached from its proper link, a watermark will allow readers to better find me! That’s mainly why I do it.

  2. I watermark my stuff and try to keep it unobtrusive and in a corner. It annoys me to no end when the watermark is through the middle of the image as if to say the watermark is more important than the picture.

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