I’ve been slacking in my artistic side for a while now. The contemplation of changing my primary blog from a free one to either an upgraded one or a self-hosted site was daunting and zapping my mojo.  Finally I just went for it and upgraded the site to a Premium. Check it out:  I think if I need to take it to the next level in the future I can, but right now I’m fine just being an upgraded blog.

I spoke to the program coordinator for the Arts department at UMA and he basically told me what I need to do & in which order I need to do it.  So it is back to Art History in September along with Intro to Lit online class. Then in the spring it’s Art History 2 and hopefully another easy online class.  At that point in Fall of 2014 I’ll need 2 classes, Drawing 2 & a Pho class, to take before I can do my portfolio review. I need 5 drawings and 5 something else. How nerve-wracking. I aim to FINISH my BA. It must get done. Why? Because I say it must.  I’m sick of putting shit off.

So I hope to take lots of pictures over the spring & summer. I will be including a photo post a week here on out. And I hope to get some drawing posts done once every couple of weeks. Got to get practicing. Really thinking about upgrading my camera now.  Might talk to Robert about it first.  I have the money for it, I just need to figure out which one I want and if I can get a package deal.

krystin n marcus2

My daughter K at his prom.



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