I know you haven’t seen a lot of my photography on this blog, but it is my medium of choice. With that said, I’m searching for a new camera. My current camera is a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS14.1 mpx 35 optical zoom. I like it well enough but it feels a bit limiting. I was at a family function and was trying out my step-mom’s Canon 60D and loved it.  I could auto focus or manually focus the camera, an option that my PS doesn’t have as it’s all auto focus. 557310_10151092635854399_1135033291_n

This picture of my niece, is the one I took. That’s when I fell in love with the camera. The photo came out fairly nice without any tweaking to it.  Unlike several other photos of people that I find I need to tweak, see below. Unfortunately these all look grainy on my pc. I also might need to upgrade my video/display on my pc.

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I’m not much of a portrait photographer and never aspired to be such.  The whole thought of posing for a picture is so old school and just wasn’t very inspiring to me.  I’d rather just go out and have fun and see what happens with people.

Actually I’d be ok with not taking photos of people, however this year I’ve committed my self a wedding in December and engagement shots this spring. I’d determined to give them the best I can.

I’m currently looking at a package deal for a Canon Rebel T4i with 3 lenses,
several filters, a backpack, extra battery, & other stuff. It’s just a bit over $1k for the entire thing. It would be nice to have especially since I really want to work more on my photography. It’s a bit pricy though. Is it too much camera for my needs?  I don’t know. Your thoughts?


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