So I bought this DSLR camera but this photography stuff is harder than I thought it would be?

I had to re-blog this post. For my own benefit at least.
I’ve got very basic point & shoot cameras with some options on the dial. Which was a hard adjustment from my old film SLR I had that had a zoom lens and such. I find several of the new digital SLR cameras that don’t have detachable lenses quite easy and quick to use which I love. I’m about the instant gratification with photography. (I don’t review my shots until after I’m done usually.) However I really would like to purchase a Canon 60D with two lenses. I have noticed, after using one, that they’re way more cumbersome than I like and quite heavy hanging from your body as you walk around. That and the price are a deterrent for me at the moment. However my ambition to be a photographer as waned over the years, especially since I hate…. HATE!! portrait photography.

Learning to See Light

(Reposted Feb 2015 – note this post got me featured on Freshly Pressed)

I recently found the blog of lindygrasser  who is having new life adventures and capturing it with a new camera.  She posted for input on the new Community Pool forum and as I still remember my first confusing days with my camera I thought I would visit.

Lindy is doing a really brave and interesting thing, breaking out of the pattern her life had been, buying a new camera and capturing images every day.  So many *new* things to conquer all at once, usually just one is enough for most people 🙂  This post is inspired by Lindy and her quest to come to grips with her photography, its based on my own personal experiences. I hope that it offers some guidance to the people who have had their shiny new camera for a little while…

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One thought on “So I bought this DSLR camera but this photography stuff is harder than I thought it would be?

  1. Hey Tracie, thanks for the reblog and I appreciate your comment. I know what you mean about DSLR being not quick and easy to use (and heavy too), I often wish I had a small point and shoot to carry in my car or my handbag for those moments 🙂

    Its a compromise I personally made that I was prepared to carry heavy gear around but there are lots of practical options now, have you seen the Fuji X1 and the Sony Nex ranges, they are smaller and lighter (and the lenses) and they are getting quite good reviews too.

    I don’t do portrait photography either, its not an interest of mine, and the wonderful thing about photography is that you are unlimited in your options, the whole world is full of different subject matter 🙂

    I hope that you do come back to photography and get to have some fun with it one day.

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