Art movies

Today I spent the day watching some art movies: Exit Through The Gift Shop, Our City Dreams, and Herb & Dorothy.

As I was watching the first movie I noticed that Terry (MBW) was addicted to filming with no reason. He’d go through tapes upon tapes about every day stuff and wouldn’t ever make it in to anything. He fell in to filming street artists, under the guise of making a documentary. However Terry had never edited and completed a film. As it turns out his “documentary” was crap. Then Banksy, one of the street artists suggested that he tries making art himself, which changed Terry’s focus and obsession to creating LOTS of art fast. Basically pilfering other people’s ideas and tweaking them and having someone else make it. It didn’t seem like he was creating art for art, but to get famous fast. What did I learn from this movie? That each artist has his/her own style, voice that brings their art to life. You can’t mimic it or tweak it to you, you must find it on your own. Others can and should inspire you.

The second movie is about five different female artists in New York City and their journey. I cannot say I found any of them more interesting than the other. It seemed that they all worked on a very large-scale, even the performance artist. It was interesting movie but I didn’t get a lot out of it.

The last movie I watched was Herb & Dorothy which I loved. I loved how they collected art. Art they liked, that was affordable, that was mostly cash and carry. They didn’t get in to the snobby pretense of art. If Herb liked it, if it spoke to him, they wanted it. They didn’t discriminate on only specific styles, artists, or price point. They loved the process of art. They tried their hand at it and understood the process. They didn’t always buy items that were finished, they were a preamble to a project, sketches, or something the artist didn’t feel was the end project. They weren’t in it for what they could sell it for, they wanted the joy of the art. I’d recommend this movie of the other two. What did I learn from this movie? I learned that sometimes creating art is just doing what you feel and doesn’t need the whole boat load of crap behind it.


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