First off let me say… it is 1AM & I have to be up at 5:30.  So take this rambling how you wish.

I have decided that I don’t like the word “reverb”.  To me this word doesn’t cover it.  The whole reflection and thought process about looking back on the year doesn’t resonate with that word.  And I know its just a word… but I don’t feel that my reflective look on my past year is reverb.  To me reverb is the annoying sound you get from something, not at all reflective of my life.

I feel like I have made the motions of doing this project without really doing it. Without truly delving in and reflecting on my past year.  What little bit I did last year & this year, there’s not much diference.  My life has few highs & lows any more. Has few great highlights different than any other year past.

This could be my irritation with my lack of sleep due to one of the many reasons: forgetting to eat dinner, the furnace being obnoxiously loud & squeaky to wake me up, or the upstairs bitch who smokes in the house w/ forced hot air heating, so I smell it down here, or that I’ve got about 20 things running through my head tonight.  I slept all day on Wednesday due to minor surgery & went to bed late last night. So I’m kind of in a mood.

I think I’ll revamp my reflection journal this weekend. While I do the other boatload of stuff I need to do.


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