Day 16: Jobs

The Lil Journal Project: Day 16

All of the jobs you’ve had through out your life time.  I’ve had 11 (13 – but I’m not counting the one day ones).

In 1991 after I got my drivers license my Junior year of HS I got a job at the Wishing Well Motel as a housekeeper (under the table pay). I spent most of my money on gas & clothes (dummy me).  In 1992 I moved in with my boyfriend in Lewiston, no job, so I applied & was hired at Burger King (w/ a preplanned trip in August to PA & NY) I also worked at Bates College Dining Services in November of that year.  I didn’t stay at Bates, I was on the service line with a bunch of old ladies I had nothing in common with. Like a dummy again I kept Burger King and only lasted there through out November or so.  I ended up getting done due to a bunch of crap going on there I couldn’t deal with which caused my first bout of depression.  Some where in all of this mess I worked at Craft Mania for the holiday season of 1992 and only one day at the Fishery (a sea food restaurant).  Early 1993 I got a job at the cafe in the DEP building in Augusta. I drove from Lewiston to Augusta daily for several months in the winter.  I found out I was pregnant while I had that job. The mostly blind lady who ran it knew I was pregnant before I did. My mother who worked at DEP went up to the pharmacy one day & got me a test. Sure enough I was expecting.

In 1993 we moved in with my parents and I worked for my husband’s coworker’s wife as a sitter & helper.  I worked for her about up until I had my son in September. (he was early) We had also moved in July in to Lewiston to a 3rd floor 2 bedroom apartment on the corner of Ash & Sabbatus St.  At some point after I had my son I worked at Russel Street Variety  a convenient store across the campus. I made pizza, sandwiches, & did normal crap done in a store such as that. We were house shopping all of 1994 and figured it’d be easier to build on our land than to buy.  In November of 1995 we moved in to our new house and I started my job at J C Penney in the mall.  I was hired as seasonal help, trained for watch bands & battery replacements.  I was at J C Penny 2 months shy of 5 years. The longest job I ever had.  However things had changed a great deal in my life at that point.  I was separated from my husband, part time parent to two kids, and living with my mother again.  I applied and got in to EnvisioNet which was probably the worst job of my entire life.  The stress of a call center job is horrid. My divorce came around and even then I don’t think I fully comprehended a lot of things.  I was on a lot of medication for most of 1999 and 2000. My second really bad bout of depression. (hindsight 20/20 – I would change things)  I got done at E-Net and then went back like a dummy.  Finally just got done & basically blew up at them and walked out.  For the rest of 2000 I was mostly unemployed, unfortunately for my mother.  I tried my hand at being an assisted living helper (CMRA) but that didn’t work out. (sorry Connie & Jess) I tried working for an inventory company, not sure which one, that was a one day thing.

Got hired at Fashion Bug in Auburn and shortly after got hired to the new Craft Mania store just behind F-Bug. I was also going to school at this point, part time at CMCC (aka CMTC). Working 2 jobs, taking 2 or 3 classes, plus kids sports & them 3 nights a week was basically my routine for the next year & a half.  I applied to the State and got hired, my first day was 9-10-11 the day before 9-11.  I continued with CM & the State until spring of 2002 when I got done at CM and concentrated on my kids more.  I was still medicated but not as severely as before. I gradually got off most of the meds (4 different ones).  I have been with the state ever since.  I have also spent the last 12 years earning an associates degree in general studies (switched from business admin/supervision).  Next is my BA in Art/Photography.


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Jobs

  1. Wow, you have a full life! I’m so sorry to hear about your depression. I really respect the way you have persevered…especially in your education. You’re setting a great example for your kids. Thanks for sharing your journal. I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts.

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