Day 10: Momentos

The Lil Journal Project | Day 10 (Link Up) | Lil Blue Boo.

What do I have from my grand parents? I have a decorative bowl, a plant pot, & my grandparent’s wedding rings on my father’s side. From my maternal grandparents I have a handkerchief. I wish I had more from my maternal grandparents. I have so few memories from them also because they weren’t around as long as the others were.image

My grandmother’s Boston furn was in the plant pot I have. It was quite a large furn. I recall it being in various rooms in the house. She also grew several geraniums, a few aloe plants, a couple of other types of plants. She was an avid gardener and had a veggie garden and flower gardens yearly. After she died my grandfather gave me the flower pot and a decorative bowl that were sitting on the piano. Before my grandfather moved out of his house we (my dad & step-mom) took some photos & stuff out of the house and that’s when I got their wedding bands. I would really like to get copies of the old photos and an old atlas my grandmother tracked earthquakes in.

As for my maternal grandparents, my grandmother gave me a violet and white handkerchief when I was young. Around the same time as a jewelry box with a ballerina in it. I had that box for YEARS. My children actually broke off the ballerina when they were young. (yeah I keep things for a VERY long time) I do not have anything else from those grandparents.

It makes me think about what I’m leaving my kids or grandchildren.


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