Day 2: Map it

The Lil Journal Project | Day 2 | Lil Blue Boo.

Map it – the first classroom you remember.


I drew my kindergarten classroom. I recall playing with large cardboard bricks, a mini kitchen, and lots of coloring. I sat on both sides of the room, ate mustard sandwiches as a snack, and peed my self at least twice. My teachers were Mrs. White & Mrs Fuller (Mrs White had white hair). I had a red snowsuit in the winter that I had a hard time getting in & out of.  I remember a lot about grade school, the playground, & teachers except for my 2nd grade year. (very strange) I’d play with the boys on the dome shaped jungle gym rather than girls.

I also remember my daycare before I went to school. It had tables that folded down from the wall, a play kitchen, & cable tv. I would spend a lot of time sitting in a window waiting for my mom, or on the playground hill waiting for her.  I wasn’t happy there. Although I think that a friend from Winthrop was there with me.

I also drew my home up until I was in 3rd grade. A trailer next door to my grandparent’s house.  It had thin walls, bad windows, & faulty furnace. The hall was narrow, there was a white fake brick wall in the living room, daisy screw decorations on the ceiling, & the kitchen was remolded at some point because the fridge moved from one wall to another. I remember I stuck my pinky in the socket while sitting on the counter. Eating Lucky Charms, Honey Combs & Super Sugar Crisp with my Dad out of Tupperware coffee cups. Our cat would sit on my lap only if I had pink pants on. We’d call a phone # & listen to stories on our party line phone. My first guy friend called me in the 3rd grade when we lived there, Kirk. I have lots of memories from this home.


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